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Day 64: Brian and the Reddit Gift Exchange

Brian got packages for the Reddit Snack Exchange and the Book Exchange. Here he is with his new snacks from Ohio:

That's two bags of chips, a bag of popcorn, two jars of pickles (for hot dogs) and also a bottle of Faygo (not pictured).

Here's the books he got from a Redditor in Oklahoma:


Nicole said…
I assume the Faygo is not pictured because you sprayed it all over the house, a'la ICP? Serious question: are there specific subreddits for all these different exchanges? I need a piece of this action!
Yes. Brian is now a full-on ICP fan. That is just what Faygo does to people.

Reddit exchanges are on a separate site, though you have to sign in with your reddit account:

Exchanges costs credits. I believe that you have to earn credits by successfully participating in exchanges. I can't remember if you start out with one credit or more. I do know that I am now out of credits until these exchanges are complete. It looks like there is a horror exchange coming up too, so I better get my credits back fast!

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Spareribs, Sauerkraut and Dumplings

For Valentine's Day this year I cooked a dish that reminds me of home like no other.  It's a family recipe that my Mom knows by heart and my Dad gets on special holidays. Spareribs, sauerkraut and dumplings:

Here's my plate before I started inhaling it.   Not everyone likes it.  I didn't like it until I was an adult and came across a very similar dish in the Czech Republic.  I craved home-cooked food at the time and I instantly became obsessed with the dish.

The tricky part about the recipe is that it wasn't really written down.  My Grandmother, Anita, wrote a copy for my Mom a long time ago but my Mom has since changed parts to simplify the recipe.  This is the recipe that my Mom told me and I adjusted on my own.

For the Dumplings:
These are the dumpling when they were boiling, as they start to get done, they float to the top of the water.
3 c bread crumbs (about a half of a loaf dried on a tray for a day and broken up in a food processor)
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Day 329: Hunger Games

I took this week off from work and enjoyed my first real day off day by taking myself to the movies. I saw the Hunger Games: Catching Fire and I thought it was pretty darned good.

It had the right amount of action. It also had a good amount of my favorite thing in the Hunger Games movies: Stanley Tucci. I could watch him do this all day:

If I had my druthers, he would have his own talk show in the character of Caesar and it would air every day on a major network at a time when I don't work so that I could watch it.

Day 330: Lego Architecture Studio

What does Alicia do on vacation? She plays with Legos. I got this awesome Lego Architecture set for my birthday and I finally had a good chunk of time to take it out and play with it:

It's basically a big box filled with white and clear Lego bricks. My first creation today was a modernish two story house with a roof deck:

It's a terrific set, even for those who don't have many Legos. Because of the sheer number of bricks (1210 to be exact), you can create a wide variety of structures. It even comes with a few small boxes and two clear plastic trays with dividers for sorting out bricks. I shall have much fun with this into the future.