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Day 151: Hooray for Spring/Summer

It is finally starting to get nice enough that we can regularly go outside and sit on the patio. The rain lately has seemed relentless, but today we managed to grill some brats and enjoy our outdoor furniture.

Day 150: Fire in the Alley

Apparently, there was a fire in my alley recently. When I came home today, I first noticed the garage with yellow caution tape blocking the entrance. Then, I spotted the burnt truck. It looks as though a fire started in the engine and got out of control. Then it must have spread to the garage.

I'm glad the fire didn't spread farther down the alley. It was fun to look at the burnt remains of the vehicle though.

Day 149: New Lego Minifigs

I snagged two new Lego minifigs at Target today. I love the librarian with her book:

Her coffee mug says "Shhhh" on the side you can't see. The other minifig is a painter. Those are two new good ones to add to my growing collection.

Day 148: Feeling Good

I'm happy and healthy. So, time to take a self-portrait so I can look back and remember this feeling the next time I get sick:

Future Alicia, you actually did enjoy being healthy. You did not take it for granted.

Day 147: Video Games

I had a great Memorial Day hanging out with friends and playing games. My proud moment of the day was not getting last place in a first-person shooter against three guys. I even snapped a blurry, dark photo of the TV screen when I got third place playing Perfect Dark (a Super NES game):

I was Player 4. Not long after, I got second place. This is progress. Next thing you know, I will be playing Halo online and calling everyone noobs.

Day 146: Arrested Development!

A new season of Arrested Development was released today. Since the show last aired in 2006, it was cause for celebration. Brian and I went over to our friend's house to watch the new episodes. They threw quite the shindig.

Andrew made a Skip's Scramble:

He even dressed like Tobias for the event:

There were also non-poisoned muffins, a whole thing of candy beans, Bluth's frozen bananas, unlimited juice, bridge mix and more. Andrew and Nicole even pasted blue handprints everywhere.

If you haven't seen the show, you should watch it. It's on Netflix, and it is hilarious.

Day 145: Games Day

Our friend Mike came over today and we played board games. Now, Mike does not just have ordinary board games. He has expensive, unique and complicated board games. He even got me and Brian buying board games again because his games are so awesome.

Here's Brian and Mike today playing Alien Frontiers, one of Brian's favorite games:

I won't even try to explain the rules of the game here. You will just have to go find a copy and play it for yourself.

Day 144: The Last Policeman

I finished a surprisingly good novel today: The Last Policeman by Ben H. Winters. It was one of those books  that I couldn't put down, and my whole Friday night vanished as I tore my way through this book.

It's the story of Detective Henry Palace who is investigating a suspicious suicide. It could have been a typical police procedural, but the twist is that the world is going to end (or at least significantly change) in 7 months. An asteroid is headed toward Earth, which is what makes this typical murder mystery into a fun read. Throughout the book, he paints a very realistic picture of a society on the brink of collapse.

I recommend this book to anyone who likes Law & Order and apocalyptic stories.

Day 143: Brian Drank the Koolaid

Brian really loves his new job at Target. He even donned the red and khaki for work today:

Day 142: Bejeweled

I'll admit it: the highlight of my day was getting a very high score on the game Bejeweled. Yes, I still play that game. Its mindlessness is my version of meditation.

Day 141: Livia is Still Cute

Just in case you were wondering, my cat Livia is still adorable. 

Day 140: Star Trek Into Darkness

Brian and I went out with friends to see the new Star Trek movie tonight. It was awesomely action-packed. I highly recommend it. 
I obviously couldn't take a photo in the theater. Instead, here is a shot of my Blu-Ray case from the last Star Trek movie. Yes, it is shaped like the Enterprise. Jealous?

Day 139: Brian Made Me Dinner

It was a nice relaxing day at home today. The best part was Brian cooking me dinner. It was three courses and delicious, using a lot of the stuff he won in that silent auction on Friday.

Day 138: Brandon & Crystal's Wedding

Brian and I went to Brandon and Crystal's wedding reception tonight. It was a good time with good friends.

Here's the happy couple:

Brian paid a dollar to dance with Brandon:

This is one of my favorite photos of the evening from when I was talking to Leah:

Brian made himself a "skittle-brau" by adding Skittles to Michelob Golden Draft:

Here's Nicole, Jon, Kate and Brian:

Here's Andrew, the best man, with Nicole:

Can't you tell a great time we all had? I'll bet you wish you were there too.

Day 137: Arlington House Dinner

Brian's uncle, Gary, is the executive director of the Arlington House in St. Paul. It's a shelter for 11 to 17-year-old kids. Every year they have a charity dinner, and Brian and I have gone for the past three years.

It's held on Harriet Island in the pavilion:

Looking out from the pavilion, you get an excellent view of downtown St. Paul and the river:

Here's the menu for the evening:

There's also a silent auction, and Brian won! We got a metal colander full of Italian goodies. It had spaghetti, breadsticks, pasta sauce, olives, bruschetta, olive oil, wine and more. We are excited for pasta night now:

After a night of frivolity, I am exhausted. Time for me to hit the hay. I hope your Friday was a good as mine.

Day 136: Bingo!

I went out to a work event tonight. We played bingo in West St. Paul at the Bingo Palace. It was pretty fun and really inexpensive compared to bingo at a casino. I might have to go back there and play again because I didn't win...this time.

Day 135: Target Gifts From Brian

Brian brought me home gifts from work the other day. He got me a stuffed Bullseye, the Target mascot, an iPhone case and my new, laminated team member discount card. I get the card because I'm his spouse. I'm going to abuse the heck out that card.

Day 134: Pan-Fried Cod

I made myself pan-fried cod for dinner tonight. It's super easy. Put a little olive oil and salt on the fish, stick it in a hot skillet, and cook on each side for a few minutes. Done. I wish I had lemon juice but it was still delicious.

Day 133: My Other Car is a Tardis

I finally put the new license plate holder on my car. Now everyone who passes me on the road will know what a big Doctor Who fan I am.

Looks like the Fiat needs a bath...

Day 132: Mother's Day

I celebrated Mother's Day with family today. My aunt Margaret and my cousin Stephanie were in town to visit my Mom, so my sisters and I went over to see everyone. We do not see each other often enough, and it was a blast getting to catch up.

Everyone took pictures to mark the occasion. Here's a shot a snagged of Stephanie and Marg:

Day 131: Twins Game

Brian and I got free tickets to the Twins game yesterday from Brian's uncle. It was freezing, but it was a good game. It's always good when the Twins win 8-5 against the Orioles.

Day 130: Wall of Arts

Over time, my library becomes more and more enjoyable. With the addition of my signed Evil Dead poster, I finally found a good spot for two of my other favorite pieces of art.

First is the free Adam Turman print I got when I went to MinneWebCon  few weeks ago (sorry about the reflection):

Next, I finally got to hang a print I got from my in-laws for Christmas. I had it on my wish list. It's a print by ObviousState on Etsy:

I even have a little room to expand if future prints catch my eye.

Day 129: Visited Brian

After work today, I went downtown and visited Brian at his office at Target. I got to see his building, his cubicle and the awesome view from his floor (sorry, I forgot to take pictures). It was pretty cool and it is oddly fun to compare his corporate work environment with mine at Thomson Reuters.

Because I came to visit him, Brian treated me to Fogo de Chao for dinner.

It is basically a very fancy meat buffet. I had filet, sirloin, chicken wrapped in bacon, filet wrapped on many meats. I am now very full.

Here is a Brian after our meal. He's happy but too full to smile.

Now I think I need to go take a nap because I am full of delicious meats.

Day 128: More Lego Minifigs

I'm not lazy. I swear. It rained so I couldn't build my garden today. I will have to wait until the weather gets nicer.

In lieu of a garden picture, I did take a photo of the new Lego minifigs I got in the mail. They're for the newest series. I'm sure they are not the only ones I will buy:

Day 127: Flowers Planted!

I planted flowers in some of my old pots. This is my favorite pot of flowers so far:

Here are my pots of flowers all lined up:

I also have this group of planters over by the door. The big pot has mint in it. Need to have an ample supply for summer mojitos:

This is just the start to my gardening this year. Garden Project '13 will include a custom-built, raised garden with vegetables. I will keep you posted as to its progress. I bought the supplies today, and construction should begin tomorrow. Unless I get lazy. That is always a possibility. If you see a picture of Legos tomorrow, you'll know what happened.

Day 126: Book Sale Haul

I snagged even more books from library book sales over this past weekend. I need to start reading faster.

Day 125: Egg on Toast

I used some more of the baguette and basil from last night's bruschetta to make myself eggs on toast. It was the perfect lunch for a Sunday.

Day 124: Bruschetta

I made bruschetta for dinner tonight. I really wanted something fresh and easy to make. It can't get much simpler than toasting  bread slices int he oven and topping them with tomato, basil, onion and olive oil. 

It was yummy.

Day 123: Chair Thievery Continues

Livia is always stealing my chairs. A few days ago I posted about the chair on the porch. Now, she's started stealing my office chair. Once she is in a chair, she will not move. A couple of times, I have had to go get a different chair so I could use my computer. 

But even if I could move her, how can I move a cat that looks that cute?

Day 122: Chicken Wings

It may be cold and gloomy outside, but that isn't going to stop me and Brian from grilling. Brian made me chicken wings on the grill, and yes, they were as delicious as they look.

Day 121: Lego Minifigs

It is one of those quiet days at home where I don't know what to blog about. So, I present you a picture of some of my Lego Minifigs. I love these things. They just started a new series of them. Come to think of it, I should go onto Lego's website and go order myself some...

The chicken man in the front is my current favorite.