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Day 158: Dallas

Brian and I flew off to Dallas for the weekend. Everyone asks us why. The answer is pretty simple. The flights were cheap, and we have never been to Texas.

Our first day was a lot of fun. We started the trip out right by upgrading our rental car. For only 30 more dollars we bypassed the Ford Focus and got a red, 2014 Ford Mustang:

Our first stop in the Mustang: In-N-Out Burger.

Now you may recall, we have been to In-N-Out before (during our trip to Phoenix). What we regretted after that experience was not ordering off the famous secret menu. At In-N-Out, the board only lists a few options (hamburger, cheeseburger, double burger and fries). However, they do not tell you that there are a ton of customizations you can make to each burger.

After doing some Internet research, I decided I wanted my burger "animal style." This inlcudes grilled onions, mustard-grilled patty, extra pickles, and extra thousand island. The animal style burger is the one on the right:

This burger officially ties Matt's Bar for best burger Alicia has ever had. I am now even more sad that In-N-Out is not in Minnesota. Of course, that may be a good thing, since I don't need to eat a burger every single day.

Our next stop was the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. That is the place where they make our paper money. I wish I could have taken pictures, but they didn't let us bring our cameras into the facility. The only picture I could get was this distant one from the visitor parking lot. There were actually two rows of fence/barbed wire separating us from the facility from this parking lot, with about ten yards of gravel between. I've never seen that level of security before (besides in movies involving prisons). It was pretty intimidating.

See that pyramid-topped building way back there? That is where about 50% of U.S. paper money comes from.

Next, we drove into downtown Dallas to check-in to the hotel. Since we saved on our flight costs, we were able to splurge on our hotel. We stayed in a suite at the Joule. The place was so fancy, they gave us complimentary champagne during check in.

Here's Brian next to the bed that was so comfortable, I forgot I wasn't in my bed at home:

The bathroom was epic, and it included a huge tub with jets. I've already used the tub once and plan to use it again:

Our final stop of the day was to a bar I read about, the Meddlesome Moth. I got to test out a flight of Texan beers at the bar:

Here's a happy Brian at our table on the patio:

We got some deviled eggs that were pretty awesome. They boiled them twice, once the normal way and a second time deshelled in a soy sauce mixture. That is why they look brown:

We also got some Texan quail, which was delicious:

That's it for day one in Texas!


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