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Starting the New Year Off Right

I'm starting this year off on the right foot...with Legos. For Christmas, friends bought me a cool Lord of the Rings set that I put together today. I love the Eye of Sauron bit:

I also picked up some minifigs today from the new series that just came out:

All of the minifigs in this series are from the new Lego movie. If you haven't heard of it, here's the trailer for your edification:

Full honesty: I don't know if I'm too excited for it. But, I highly doubt that I am their target demographic.

While we're talking about Legos, I got this awesome book for Christmas from those same friends:

It's got all kinds of awesome pictures of Lego creations. So far, this is probably my favorite:

It's a dilapidated Victorian home that has been damaged by a big tree. It looks very real and is all done in black, white and grey bricks. I wish I could do that. For a better version of the photo and to see more of this guy's work, go to the website of Mike Doyle, the aut…