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Motivating Myself to Keep Exercising

Most days, it is hard to stay motivated. It's easier to grab fast food, sit on the couch and watch a movie than to go to the gym. But easier is not better. I need to constantly remind myself of the benefits of working out and eating right.

One strong motivator: how much I have changed in the past year. Since last March, I have lost nearly 40 pounds. When it takes that long, it can be hard to notice the differences. However, they are clearly evident if I take the time to look at pictures of myself.

Here is me in March, just as I started working out and eating less:

Here is what I look like now:

You can really see the change. Pictures like this keep me motivated to get to the gym and keep running!

Painting With Bob Ross

Bob Ross's PBS show, The Joy of Painting, ran from 1983 to 1994, with more than 300 shows that permeated my childhood. The speed and skill he showed on screen made painting seem like an unattainable art, not something that someone with my limited skill could do. I can hardly sketch a tree let alone paint one with friends in a happy forest scene. But with each episode, he assured his listeners that they could paint along with him and have the same result. 
Honestly, I didn't believe him. But a few weeks ago I decided to give it a shot. 
The official Bob Ross YouTube channel has full episodes to watch, which means that you can pause at your leisure. That helped a lot because I could stop it when I needed and rewatch parts until I understood what I needed to do. 
I also used acrylic paints, not oils like Bob did. This made it a bit tricky because they do not have the same colors nor do acrylics stay wet like oils do. But I managed to muddle my way through some episodes. 
My first…

A Place to Log My Progress

This blog has just been sitting out here for nearly two years without a new post. So, I thought I would put it to some good use and start logging my progress with some of my new hobbies.

What have I been doing?

I started jogging. It is very slow going and it hurts like hell. But it will be worth it. I'm painting and drawing. I am not very good but I get better with each attempt. I figure that if I keep it up, I can only improve, right?I want to start writing fiction again. This one is arguably the hardest for me. Even though I am a professional writer and write for a living, it is different for me when it is fiction. I've signed up for an online class to try to get over that hump.  Also, I am always watching some horror movies. My goal is to start writing fewer reviews and more substantive content over on my other blog:
Do you have any hobbies you have taken up recently? Any hobbies you would recommend? I am always looking to learn new things.